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Specifications of Binh Minh S90 ping-pong table

Table size2740 x1525 x 20mm (length x width x height)
Table top material12mm MDF board (painted with advanced UV coating technology)
Table footerSquare tube 25×25 (welded with advanced CO2 technology, with an up and down button to adjust the flatness, can be folded up after use)
Wheel70mm (flatness can be adjusted, design with lock to prevent movement)
Puzzle framesquare tube 25×25
Weight80kg (without packaging)

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Product Features 

  • Table top of Binh Minh ping pong table S90 is manufactured from MDF board, so it has good bounce. In addition, the table surface is also very flat and smooth.
  • The surface is covered with many layers of primer to make the product durable and limit warping.
  • The green color of the tabletop will help players have a soothing, pleasant feeling and make it easier to observe.  
  • The green color of the tabletop will help players have a soothing, pleasant feeling and make it easier to observe.

User manual

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Playing table tennis takes place on tables. Therefore, the table must guarantee the appropriate levels of flatness and bounce in order for the ball to move smoothly. When using the Binh Minh S90 table tennis table, a few suggestions, and brief instructions are as follows: 

  • Please place the table in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and high humidity 
  • Do not use balls made of hard materials such as metal because it will scratch the table surface
  • Limit the pouring of liquids such as water, gasoline, oil on the table top to avoid the table quickly rotten and damaged
  • When finished using, should cover the canvas carefully to ensure the best quality of the table 

User object

Binh Minh S90 table tennis table is suitable for all types of objects from children to the elderly.

In addition, this type of table is also used by players of many different levels from amateur to professional.

Why should you choose a table at Binh Minh table tennis?

  • Brand Binh Minh table tennis is the unit with the most prestigious production line in Vietnam.
  • Many years of experience in the field of table tennis production with the enthusiasm of the staff.
  • Guarantee the best genuine product quality
  • Customer care team is always ready to answer all your questions 24/7 when needed.
  • When buying, you will also be supported by the supplier with the fastest shipping. All kinds of table tennis in Binh Minh have good quality with prices from only 500,000 VND (excluding shipping costs)
  • In addition, Binh Minh is also at the forefront of product warranty issues for customers.
  • During the 12-month warranty period, you can repair and replace the tabletop without any charge if the fault is caused by the manufacturer.
  • Even after the warranty expires, Binh Minh will also support you to repair and replace the table top at a favorable price. 

Binh Minh will bring the best quality products to consumers. Binh Minh S90 table tennis table is one of the cheap and good quality products that you should own right away.

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Binh Minh Table Tennis Table S90

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